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Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) Preparation and Conduct

The Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) is, without question, one of the most important events in the Earned Value Management System (EVMS) implementation calendar. IBR’s typically occur between 90 and 180 days after contract award. This short timescale often presents many challenges in getting ready for a rigorous review process. Getting the baseline in place, performing several updates and having all of the project materials ready in a compressed time frame can be overwhelming.

Having Ten Six on your team with a staff of personnel who have successfully helped many companies though IBR’s and helped government agencies to conduct IBR’s, is an invaluable resource to have when facing such an event. Additionally, in the event you’ve recently had an IBR conducted, had Discrepancy Reports (DR) generated and need to get an effective Corrective Action Plan (CAP) developed and implemented; the Ten Six’s staff has the experience to aid you to accomplish just that.

As with all things, preparation is the key. A number of documents are reviewed during the IBR that need to be consistent with each other. An IBR is an event focused on the contractors ability to exhibit a thorough understanding of contract requirements, being able to demonstrate that all requirements have been incorporated into the cost, schedule and technical requirement baselines being executed, evaluating the integrity of your overall Management system (with particular emphasis on your configuration management system) and equally, determining the depth of understanding your Control Account Managers (CAM’s) have for the process. For example, CAM’s need to,

  • Have bought in to Earned Value (EV)
  • Be well-informed about the process
  • Have a stable schedule baseline that’s integrated both vertically and horizontally
  • Articulate the rationale of how their cost, schedule and technical approach addresses the contract’s Statement of Work (SOW) requirements
  • Be able to demonstrate how their scope and schedule are integrated within their Control Accounts and with other Control Accounts
  • Demonstrate ownership of scope, schedule and cost

CAM Notebooks support this process and would typically include,

  • Project Organization chart
  • WBS and dictionary – including WBS to SOW mapping
  • Responsibility Assignment Matrix
  • Work Authorizations
  • CAPs
  • Variance Analyses
  • Risk Reporting

How Ten Six Can Help With Your Integrated Baseline Review (IBR)?

Ten Six consultants know what works and what doesn’t. We know what will be expected of your CAM’s and how they need to conduct themselves during the review. Ten Six services include,

  • Reviewing the baseline and other required documents for quality, offering suggestions for any necessary improvements.
  • IBR training for CAM’s and team members, which gives them an overview of the typical IBR process and the expectations of the contractor and customer.
  • Preparation and presentation of IBR maturity assessment charts in order for your team to better understand where they stand relative to their readiness to successfully perform an IBR.
  • Conducting mock IBR interviews to ensure the CAMs  understand the IBR process that they will undergo. Giving the CAM’s constructive feedback so they can incorporate changes into both their artifacts and presentation technique, better positioning them for first time success.
    • These mock interviews take both group interactive and individual CAM approaches to facilitate the learning process
  • Helping CAM’s with notebook preparation required for IBR interviews.

If you’re a government agency looking to conduct an IBR, a contractor who has just won a contract, you have an impending visit from DCMA or who has just conducted an IBR that has resulted in Discrepancy Reports (DRs), we can help. Ten Six has the staff that can step in to assist your team to develop and and implement a comprehensive Corrective Action Plan (CAP) to successfully disposition the DRs and get either Certified or Re-Certified. Call Ten Six today to learn more about how we have helped other organizations in a similar position.

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