Microsoft Project to P6 Conversion Alternatives

by TheP6Pro

It seems that some of the known issues with the Microsoft Project import capabilities of Primavera P6 are driving some creative solutions out in the field…


The Longest Path

by TheP6Pro

This article is mostly about item three – what is the difference between Total Float criticality and the Longest Path? There’s some confusion about this in the industry ..


5 Ways To Communicate Your EPM Launch

by Ten Six

The intranet can also be a very valuable source of other resources. You can provide links to the EPM software, a downloadable user guide or section for Frequently Asked Questions..


EVM World 2014

by Ten Six

One of the biggest events in the EVM (Earned Value Management) calendar is EVM World. This years event is being held at the Grand Hyatt in San Antonio, Texas on May 21 – May 23, 2014…


5 Critical Measures for Your Project

by Ten Six

The great thing about enterprise project management tools is that they give you plenty of ways to dice the data and see what’s going on with your project. When you are starting out, the number of reports and options can be daunting. So what should..


Deltek Cobra – Nothin’ but zeroes in my Hours Columns

by TheCobraGuy

From time to time I get inquiries from Deltek Cobra 5 users who are seeing only zeroes in their Hours columns in the CAWP table. “What causes this and how do I fix it?” Here we look at the cause and potential solutions for this rather mysterious condition ..


Primavera P6 Baseline Backups

by TheP6Pro

Keeping your Primavera P6 database lean and mean is a good idea, but it can be challenging in production environments where you need to keep a good audit trail of project status using baseline snapshots…


Skills For Managing Risk

by Ten Six

Unfortunately, all projects carry a degree of risk. What counts in project management is how you deal with these risks as they occur. The smooth handling of risk gives projects the best possible chance of success: while it’s tempting..


Primavera P6 Project Status Field

by TheP6Pro

The P6 Project Status field is found on the General tab of a Primavera P6 project whether you are using P6 Professional or P6 web. ..


3 New Trends in Project Management Training

by Ten Six

Project management training used to involve taking time out of the office, traveling to a training venue and squeezing as much learning as you could into three or four days. Then you’d come back to the office and forget everything you had learned, going back to..